Right of Foreign owners

Since 1956, the different governments of tunisian state always protected rights of real estate owners. Nevertheless, it is frequent to be confronted with individuals with false bills of sale in order to claim ownership of real estate.

Again, experience shows that even in such a peculiar files, tunisians always give up and prefer to negociate.

At last, it is important to know that only land was the subject of a massive expropriation decree in 1964. Still, this land has to be identified as a title deed in the name of non-Tunisian citizen.

A lot of Jewish families were also Tunisian, some of them (most of them, actually) were expropriated because they had renounced to their Tunisian nationality. Others (few, in fact) had not, therefore cannot be expropriated.

Other expropriations took place, but on a limited scale (From 1985 to 1992 years).

You will find on that site texts related to transferring funds, conventions of non-double taxation, and the decree ratified in 1956 about the non- request for governor authorization in order to sell, in the case of Italian or French citizens.

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