About us

AXYS CONSEIL BIENS ETRANGERS was created to find beneficiary/ies of properties of old european families in Tunisia, to identify and allow them to update title deeds which are still their ancestors’. The searching may be long, but it succeeds most of the time. Afterwards, the updating of titles can only be done on the basis of birth, marriage and death certificates, of notarised agreements which must be double legalized. First, in the town hall of the homeplace, and then before the nearest consulate of Tunisia.

It is compulsory to show these documents in order to prove the filiations. Once the udpdating of titles done, the assignees can decide whether to keep them or not. In case of selling, the sum of money perceived must necessarily be deposited in a transfer account, in a tunisian bank. When the formalities are fulfilled by the acquirer to register his purchase (the delivery of a title deed in his name), the process may begin with the bank which openened the transfer account to request the consent of the Central Bank of Tunisia, the only banking establishment authorised to allow this transfer.

These processes may turn out to be long and tedious (between 4 and 8 months) but they always come to a transfer agreement.

AXYS Advising for foreign assets ‘ debited  fees and commission are negotiables on a case by case basis. There will be no fee requested before the term of the transaction, in case of selling.

AXYS is committing to lending administrative costs and taxes (requests for certificates, property transfer, or transfert tax in the event of a death), if AXYS received a mandate of sale.

Most of the time, lawyers – who represent property investors desiring to acquire real estates reported. Once the beneficiary/ies has been identified, the updating done and the mandate given, the purchase is then quickly made.

For families of Israeli nationality, the certificates have to be legalised before the consul general of France in Jerusalem for those who are also french citizens, or before the consulate of Italy for the italian citizens. For people of Israeli nationality solely, the consul general of France have to be solicited, and may eventually give its agreement.

The beneficiaries that AXYS finds are often ignorant of the fact that they own estate. Consequently, this is the most often a good surprise for them. Although, it must not hide the difficult course one may get through on some files. But experience proves that, with persistence and rigour, one eventually overcomes these obstacles and sells in adequate conditions.

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